Painting :: It Was a Weird Night at Dragon’s Tooth

Embark on a visual odyssey with “It Was a Weird Night at Dragon’s Tooth,” a mesmerizing 36″ x 24″ x 2″ Oil Mischtechnik Painting on Panel, expertly crafted by Brian Christopher Zickafoose and completed in 2022.

This artwork takes you on a mercurial journey inspired by the Appalachian Trail, specifically the enigmatic Dragon’s Tooth Overlook near Roanoke, Virginia. Brian’s creative prowess brings to life a vivid portrayal of the surreal experiences encountered during nocturnal adventures in this mystical setting.

Drawing from profound spiritual encounters along the Appalachian Trail, “It Was a Weird Night at Dragon’s Tooth” is a testament to the artist’s intention—to capture the essence of self-exploration and the profound connection with the Creative Source inherent in the ineffable beauty of nature. Each brushstroke and color palette intricately weaves a narrative that invites viewers to delve into the complexities of the human spirit, mirroring the awe-inspiring intricacies of the natural world.

This captivating piece not only serves as a visual feast but also as a conduit for contemplation on the profound connection between the self and the sublime beauty of nature. Own a piece of this Appalachian-inspired masterpiece, a radiant expression of Brian Zickafoose’s artistic vision and spiritual exploration.

Painting :: Adventures on the Appalachian Transformation

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Adventures on the Appalachian Transformation – Anthony’s Nose, Cortlandt, New York
36″ x 24″ x 2″ – Oil Mischtechnik Painting on Panel
Brian Christopher Zickafoose © 2022
This painting was inspired by a popular scenic spot on the Appalachian Trail overlooking the Bear Mountain Bridge on the Hudson River in upstate New York. Every year thousands of pilgrims hike the craggy mountain climb to Anthony’s Nose summit for sprawling, panoramic views of the Hudson Valley. On the upward path, we undergo a purification of spirit as we ascend the heights culminating in our communion with the One.

Prints and Posters Available.

Painting :: A Cougar on McAfee Knob

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A Cougar on McAfee Knob by Brian C. Zickafoose, 36″ x 24″ on Gessobord Panel, Mischtechnik Oil Painting, 2021.
McAfee Knob is an ancient place of mystery on the Appalachian Trail near Roanoke, Virginia, and this painting is artist, Brian Zickafoose’s homage to McAfee Knob and the beauty of the Blue Ridge.

Posters and prints available.

Painting :: Ferocious Flow

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Ferocious Flow, 14″ Hexagon Wood Panel, Mischtechnik Oil Painting, 2020 by Brian C. Zickafoose

Painting :: Deer Ol’ Dad Knows the Path

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Deer Ol’ Dad Knows the Path, 14″ Hexagon Wood Panel, Mischtechnink Oil Painting, 2020 by Brian C. Zickafoose

Fall Collection: New Woven Art Blankets

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Don’t get caught in the cold, our new blankets have got your back and they are toasty!

Snuggle up with these durable, heirloom, woven throws, featuring art by Brian C. Zickafoose.

Ancient River in Autumn blankets are back in stock by popular demand.

I am also proud to roll out our newest blankets starring the bear and the owl, as pictured above.

Thanks to the miracle of modern technology, commercial weaving looms are able to recreate my artwork in blanket form with stunning clarity and detail.

Due to slight variations in the production process, each blanket is unique.

These are the large size throw, measuring 68″ x 50″ Inches.

100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton.

Made in the USA in small batches.

Price includes USPS Priority shipping. Continental US only.

For international orders, please reply to this email for a custom shipping estimate.

What Does “Made in America” Really Mean?!

Good question.

Here is what “Made in America” means to me.

It is not always the easiest path or the most profitable but I go to great lengths to source my products from vendors on American soil.

It’s important to me that each product that I offer is created sustainably by people who love their craft and who are compensated properly for their time and energy.

From the farmers growing the cotton, to the weavers, to the picture framers, to the printers I use to image my paintings and reproduce my prints.

No sweatshop labor here. All love. All American.

When you purchase products from my shop, I can confidently say thank you from literally hundreds of American families whose livelihoods your business supports.