Harmonious Collaborations: A Glimpse into Our Artistic Journey with 5 Points Music Sanctuary

We are thrilled to share the exciting collaborations we’ve had the honor of crafting alongside our friends at 5 Points Music Sanctuary in Roanoke, Virginia. The synergy between music and art has always been a powerful force, and these gig posters stand as vibrant testaments to that creative intersection.

In 2021-2023, we embarked on a journey of artistic expression, working hand in hand with 5 Points to encapsulate the essence of their fantastic events in visual form. Each gig poster is a unique piece, carefully designed to mirror the energy, spirit, and creativity that pulse through the sanctuary’s vibrant music scene.

These artworks not only serve as promotional material but also as vibrant snapshots of the dynamic performances and eclectic events hosted by 5 Points Music Sanctuary. From bold color palettes to intricate details, each poster captures the unique character of the musicians and the atmosphere they bring to the stage.

As the partnership continues to evolve, we invite you to stay tuned for more extraordinary collaborations with 5 Points. The creative journey is ongoing, and we are excited to explore new artistic horizons, translating the magic of live music into visually stunning creations.

Whether you’re a music enthusiast, art lover, or someone who appreciates the fusion of both, these gig posters are a celebration of the harmonious relationship between sound and vision. Join us in reliving the spirit of each event through these carefully crafted visual stories.

Keep an eye out for updates and announcements as we dive into more exciting collaborations with 5 Points Music Sanctuary. The stage is set, the canvas awaits, and the journey continues to unfold. Let the rhythm of creativity and collaboration play on!

A Visual Symphony: Brian C. Zickafoose’s Artistic Journey with Mountain Music Festival

Since 2018, visionary artist Brian C. Zickafoose has been weaving his artistic magic into the fabric of the Mountain Music Festival at ACE Adventure Resort on the New River Gorge in West Virginia. This annual collaboration has become a cherished tradition, adding a vibrant visual dimension to the festival’s already dynamic atmosphere.

Harmony of Creativity and Nature

Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the New River Gorge, the Mountain Music Festival is a celebration of music, adventure, and the great outdoors. Brian’s collaboration with the festival began as an exploration of the intersection between creativity and nature, reflecting the festival’s core values.

A Tapestry of Festival Art

Each year, Brian unveils a new masterpiece, a visual symphony that captures the spirit and energy of the festival. From vibrant landscapes to psychedelic explorations, his festival art has become an integral part of the Mountain Music Festival experience. The canvas, like the festival itself, transforms into a living, breathing entity that resonates with the rhythm of the music and the pulse of the surroundings.

Immersive Live Art Experience

One of the highlights of this collaboration is the live art experience that Brian brings to the festival grounds. Festival-goers have the unique opportunity to witness the creation of a masterpiece in real-time. The festival becomes a canvas, and Brian, the conductor of colors, orchestrates a visual spectacle that unfolds alongside the live musical performances.

Community and Connection

The collaboration goes beyond the canvas. Brian’s art serves as a focal point for festival-goers, creating a sense of community and connection. It becomes a shared experience, a visual storytelling that encapsulates the memories, music, and magic of the Mountain Music Festival.

The Evolution Continues

As the collaboration enters its fifth year, the evolution of Brian’s festival art continues. Each stroke of the brush, each burst of color, adds a new layer to the ongoing story. It’s a testament to the symbiotic relationship between art and music, nature and creativity.

Join the Visual Journey

Whether you’re a seasoned festival-goer or a first-timer, Brian C. Zickafoose’s festival art adds an extra layer of wonder to the Mountain Music Festival. Join us on this visual journey, where the New River Gorge becomes a canvas, and the spirit of the festival is etched into every brushstroke.

Stay tuned for updates and glimpses into the artistic process as we embark on another year of creativity, collaboration, and celebration at the Mountain Music Festival with Brian C. Zickafoose. The stage is set, the canvas awaits, and the journey continues to unfold. Let the artistry play on!

The Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival :: Advertising Campaign


The Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival :: Advertising Campaign
Artist: Brian Zickafoose
Client: The Blue Ridge Blues Society
Event Location: Roanoke, Virginia

For ten years, the studio of Brian Zickafoose was a proud sponsor of the Blue Ridge Blues Society’s Blue Ridge Blues & BBQ Festival. Beginning in 2005, Zickafoose chaired the Blues Society’s marketing committee, while heading up the festival’s creative and advertising duties. In 2010, Zickafoose snagged multiple American Ad Federation ADDY’s for his work on the festival art and marketing.

This year’s campaign included various advertising elements for print, online and television:
• Promotional Handbills and Posters
• Web Banners and Print Ads
• Outdoor Billboards and On-Screen Cinema Ads
• Festival Program and Event Signage
• Ticketing and Display Marquees
• Sponsor Kits

For our festival merchandise, we produced a limited runs of individually hand numbered and signed, 6-color silk screen, commemorative art prints. We applied 5 soy-based inks: Black, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Light Blue, Cream on 100 lb. French Paper Hot Fudge Pop-Tone Stock. For the official festival t-shirts, we silk-screened the 5 colors on distressed cream, sand and charcoal tee’s for a rustic, worn look.

311 :: Show Poster

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For this poster, I teamed up with L.A. based 311 to create and produce a limited edition print run for the band’s Charlottesville Pavilion appearance on 10-24-2010. The graphic was generated from 3 separate pen drafts converted into vector format and laid out in Adobe Illustrator. The project was initially approached to be done as a promotional graphic. Though Adam Raspler, 311’s manager, made the call to produce the prints for retail’s sake. We produced 100 total offset press prints that were sold along with the band’s t-shirts and other merchandise the night of the show at the Charlottesville Pavilion. After the show, Brian posted up at the merch booth and signed prints for fans at the booth. Based on response from the band and their management, look for more 311 graphics from my studio in the near future.

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Floydfest 9 Breaking Ground :: Festival Art

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Floydfest is a wonderful festival located 45 minutes from Roanoke, VA. Floydfest earns its namesake from nearby Floyd, a town of 500 people nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Prior to working with Floydfest, I had attended the festival 2 times and had become quite fond of the quaint locale and scenic setting. And well, the music lineup was always killer.

I was offered the opportunity to do the artwork during negotiations for my position as Street Team Manager by the promoter and owner of Across the Way Productions, Kris Hodges. We met briefly over lattes to discuss what he envisioned for the artwork. Working with Kris on a creative level was great because he had a clear vision of what he was looking for in the design which is usually a rarity among clients. Kris wanted a slick, flowy, Euro feel to it, bright colors. He specifically wanted a visually striking flower sprouting out of the music note seed. He also requested that Buck Mountain – an iconic mountain in Floyd, VA – be included and to somehow incorporate the number 9.

I ran with it and turned the final art over two days shy of the deadline. Less than a month later, a winter version of the original art donned 40,000 fliers and hit the street. 250,000 fliers later, Floydfest 9 Breaking Ground sold out. Unbelievable that so many people were exposed to my artwork. It’s like they say, life’s a garden… dig it.

Ana Sia :: Show Poster

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Ana Sia is an electronic music performer from the Bay Area San Francisco, CA. So, when the show was confirmed, Third Eye Presents enlisted me to captivate the audience for her first appearance in Blacksburg, VA at Awful Arthur’s.

I was reminiscing about the poster days of old in San Francisco when the artwork pushed dimensions and tempted the boundaries of the imagination. I created the drafts for this in 3 pieces and pieced it together in Adobe illustrator lickety split. Threw in the color and moved the promo to the streets. My favorite part of the illustration is the white outlined space ships hovering with laser beams in the distant background.